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        Company Culture
        Company Culture
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        Company Culture
        Company Culture

        Honvision’s Mission: Specialized in CNC precision machining, achieve future technology life, and realize a harmonious and win-win situation for customers, employees, suppliers, enterprises and society.

        Honvision’s Vision: Focus on heart, specialized in machining, to become a most competitive supplier in precision components industry.

        Honvision’s Core Value: Improve self, dedication and trustworthiness, innovation and excellence.

        Honvision’s Quality Policy: Pay attention to details, focus on prevention, strive for excellence, chase for perfection.

        Honvision’s Environmental Policy: Cherish resources, eliminate pollution and reduce waste; comply with standards and regulations; coordinate communication, complete harmony.

        Honvision’s Four Business Purpose: Quality, Service, Profession and Value

        Quality: “Pay attention to details, focus on prevention”is always our quality control management; “strive for excellence, chase for perfection”is the highest state we are pursuing.

        Service: Improving our profession and value to meet customers needs more better with our sincerity, fast and efficient service.

        Value: Providing one-stop solutions for research, design, production, and after sales service, to create more higher value for customers.

        Profession: We only do something we are are specialized, and more focus on it- CNC precision machining. 

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